Money raised through the Parents Senior Gift Fund is allocated to The Provost's Fund for the Enhancement of the Undergraduate Experience at Penn and is unrestricted for Provost initiatives. In the past, it has supported an array of initiatives to enhance undergraduate learning and involvement at Penn. Most recently, the Provost allocated a portion of the fund to support an innovative method of teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses. The University of Pennsylvania has implemented Structured Active In-Class Learning or "SAIL" as a way to give students hands on learning opportunities, solving real-world problems, as opposed to listening to a lecture.

Dennis DeTurck, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor of Mathematics, and Bruce Lenthall, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the School of Arts and Sciences, recently co-authored an article detailing the effectiveness of SAIL. Click here to read their article explaining how SAIL is transforming the classroom experience at Penn.