Penn Parents Council

Meet the Penn Parents Council

All Members

Jane Ahn and Carl Park

PAR’24 PAR’25 / Philadelphia, PA

James Anderson and Eileen Simon C’87, W’87

PAR’25 / Harrison, NY

Adam W’93, WG’94 and Dina C’94 Blackman

PAR’24 / New York, NY

David W’86 and Stacee Blatte

PAR’22 PAR’23 PAR’25 / Water Mill, NY

Michael and Tamsen C’95 Brown

PAR’25 / Wellesley, MA

Matthew Buten W’83 and Beth Brownstein

PAR’25 / New York, NY

Barry and Andrea Cayton

PAR’18 PAR’25 / Los Angeles, CA

Kipp L’94 and Rachel Cohen

PAR’22 PAR’24 / Plymouth Meeting, PA

Cameron and Tracy Falconer

PAR’25 PAR’27 / San Fransisco, CA

Evan Finkelstein C’92 and Jacqueline Croopnick

PAR’26 / Newton, MA

Patrick WG’97 and Jean WG’97 Gannon

PAR’24 / Redwood City, CA

Ed and Jennie Gin

PAR’26 / Chicago, IL

Alex and Rebecca Ginzburg

PAR’23 PAR’25 PAR’27 / New York, NY

Bari and Neil Goldmacher

PAR’25 / New York, NY

Risa Rosenthal Green C’94

PAR’25 / Los Angeles, CA

Eli W’90 WG’96 and Jennifer Gross

PAR’22 PAR’26 / Glen Head, NY

Jason and Dana Harrison

PAR’24 / Bethesda, MD

Michael and Ellen Hefter

PAR’24 / Purchase, NY

Sarah Jordan C’90 G’91

PAR’24 / Philadelphia, PA

Vinaya and Samir WG’04 Kapoor

PAR’24 PAR’26 / Palo Alto, CA

Marshall and Johanna Kiev

PAR’24 / Westport, CT

Alan and Ada Kumar

PAR’25 / Oak Brook, IL

Antonio Larrea and Pilar Tamara

PAR’20 PAR’24 / San Juan, Puerto Rico

Michael C’96 and Nancy C’96 Lascher

PAR’27 / New York, NY

Richard C’88 W’88 and Rachel WG’97 Lester

PAR’26 / Villanova, PA

Elie and Jody Levine

PAR’19 PAR’25 / New York, NY

Matt and Cindy C’93 W’93 Mark

PAR’26 / New York, NY

Jonathan and Stephanie W’90 Marks

PAR’20 PAR’22 PAR’25 / Chicago, IL

Jeffrey W’93 and Allison C’93 McKibben

PAR’26 / New York, NY

Jason C’93 and Tricia Pantzer

PAR’25 PAR’26 / New York, NY

Tousif Pasha and Shazia Krimani-Pasha

PAR’24 / Las Vegas, NV

Seth L’86 and Linda W’85 Plattus

PAR’14 PAR’17 PAR’24 / Scarsdale, NY

Meaghan and Juan Reyes

PAR’27 / Long Island, NY

Steven Richman L’84 WG’84 and Jodi Schwartz W’81 L’84 WG’84

PAR’24 PAR’26 / New York, NY

Jane Rose

PAR’24 / Dallas, TX

JM and Mindy Schapiro

PAR’26 / Baltimore, MD

Anthony C’92 and Andee C’96 Scioli

PAR’26 / Omaha, NE

Brinda and Manish Shah

PAR’20 PAR’22 PAR’26 / New York, NY

Kamal and Reema C’94 Shah

PAR’26 / Atherton, CA

Alan Shen and Jenny Yu

PAR’23 PAR’25 / Cupertino, CA

Adhir Shroff and Bela Mehta WG’00

PAR’25 / Chicago, IL

David W’92 and Sharon C’93 Slotkin

PAR’22 PAR’24 / Potomac, MD

Andrew and Rebecca Stein

PAR’25 / New York, NY

James and Jennifer Thomas

PAR’25 / Mount Vernon, NY

Roberto and Cecilia Valenzuela

PAR’26 / Houston, TX

Bryan W’94 and Meredith C’95 Verona

PAR’25 / New York, NY

Jon Wagreich and Mimi Vanoyan

PAR’27 / Atlanta, GA

William Rudnick and Lisa Walker

PAR’24 / Chicago, IL

Doug and Susan W’89 Warshauer

PAR’26 / Northfield, IL

Peter W’96 and Jacqui C’96 Weidman

PAR’26 / New York, NY

Parker C’88 and Lori C’88 Weil

PAR’19 PAR’22 PAR’25 / Ridgewood, NJ

Jonathan Weinstein C’89 WG’93

PAR’24 / Philadelphia, PA

Allison Wiener L’94 and Jeffrey Schackner

PAR’26 / New York, NY

Bill Wolf and Meredith Bluhm-Wolf

PAR’24 / Chicago, IL

Seshu and Vani Yalamanchili

PAR’26 / Austin, TX

John and Rachel Young

PAR’20 PAR’22 PAR’24 / New York, NY

James and Susan Yuhas

PAR’27 / Charlotte, NC

Rodney and Laura Zemmel

PAR’26 / New York, NY


All council members are invited to volunteer and provide support by working with one of the following committees:

Philanthropic Engagement Committee

The Philanthropic Engagement Committee partners with the University to enhance life and learning on campus by securing parent support for The Penn Fund. Members help the University reach its fundraising goals by:

  • Building relationships with fellow parents and encouraging membership in the Benjamin Franklin Society, a special recognition group for donors who give $2,500+ in a fiscal year
  • Acting as ambassadors for the Council at University events and during the annual Penn Parents Day of Giving
  • Developing fundraising strategies and identifying donor prospects in collaborating with the Director of Parent Outreach & Development 

Outreach and Communications Committee

The Outreach and Communications Committee creates opportunities for parents to become informed and uniquely involved in the life of the University. Members are invited to: 

  • Foster an inclusive environment for all Penn parents by hosting and attending events such as regional Welcome Receptions and Penn Parents Salons 
  • Discuss topics that matter most to the Penn parent community
  • Advise the Penn Parents team on communication strategies, including targeted feedback on Penn Parents magazine, monthly e-newsletters, welcome packets, and social media content.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee partners with the University to enhance the Penn parent experience by planning events to engage with parents and families. Members can:

  • Host Regional Events, including the Summer Welcome Receptions and Parent Salons
  • Assist with staffing campus events, such as Quaker Days, Alumni Weekend and New Parent and Family Orientation. 
  • Advise the Penn Parent team on event programming, such as event speakers and webinar topics.